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Fügen Sie diese Handyhalterung für eine einfache Navigation hinzu – sie hält Ihr Telefon in Ihrer bevorzugten Ausrichtung, horizontal oder vertikal. Einfacher Zusammenbau und leichte Anpassung an viele Telefongrößen.

  • Universelle Handygrößen – 4,7 bis 6,5 Zoll

  • leicht anpassbar

  • stabiler Gebrauch

  • Stoßschutz


Battery level, speed, distance travelled and the gear you are in – it’s all there on a large, easy-to-read display. That means you are always in full control and can keep your eyes on the traffic.de



non-slip footpad

8,5" wheels

The full 8.5" wheels ensure that you have fewer problems with punctures and you can take city bumps with ease.de

Control App

Download the control app

App control is an even easier way to use your scooter. Here you will find much more information about the product, but also set the required functions. You can turn on or off the undercarriage lighting, register your trip and much more. A convenient feature is also the remote, temporary locking of the scooter for short stops.